Crayons vs Colored Pencils

Sometimes consumers find themselves struggling to figure out what to buy for their kids when it comes to crayons and colored pencils. We hope that we will help you make a decision by the end of this.

The biggest thing to determine is the age of the child that will be using the crayons or pencils. The age of the child will determine their fine motor ability as well as their ability to follow directions and know where it is appropriate to color, as well as where it is not appropriate to color. So make sure to take into account how old the child is that will be coloring.

Crayons are widely used because they offer a couple of great features. Crayons are so widely used because they can be very inexpensive. Crayons are incredibly inexpensive around the start of a traditional school year. Crayons can be as cheap as $0.25 if you find the right deals. Another benefit to crayons is that they are great for smaller children. Smaller children tend to do well with larger objects because their fine motor isn’t refined and they aren’t able to control their fine movements like older children are able to so the extra little bit of thickness that a crayon provides is great for their little fingers and hands. The other major advantage to crayons is that they have more of a blunt point and if a child attempts to color on their bodies they wont hurt themselves which is always a bonus.

Crayons only have a couple of downsides. First is that they are made of wax. If they get left someplace really warm, like in a car on a hot summer day, they will all melt together and kids don’t really like crayons that are not in the traditional crayon shape. The only other downside is that kids have a really hard time peeling the paper back on the crayon once the tip is worn down. Neither of these are too terrible when it  comes to downsides though. Which is why it is easy to see why crayons are the artistic weapon of choice for small children.

Colored pencils may not be the optimum choice for small children when it comes to coloring utensils but they are definitely something that children over the age of 7 prefer. One of the major advantages of colored pencils is that the quality of the strokes are improved drastically and they don’t seem to wear down as quickly as wax crayons. Colored pencils aren’t as cheap as crayons but they can be found inexpensively if they are purchased around the start of a traditional school year.

Colored pencils are great because children should be well into writing and tracing and colored pencils help continue to refine their fine motor which helps them write more legibly and improves their penmanship.

As you can tell from the points made above it all comes down to the age of the person that will be using the crayon or colored pencil. Most importantly, take the child with you to pick out their coloring arsenal and both of you will have a great time picking them out. If you need something to color, head over to the kids coloring page section of this website, click on a picture that you want, print it off and start making memories by coloring pictures with your child.

Make sure to watch the Sesame Street video on how crayons are made. Most kids, and even adults, find it fascinating to see how things are made that they use.

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