Hand Eye Coordination in Kids

Technology - Eye Hand Coordination (iPad)

Technology – Eye Hand Coordination (iPad)

Technology has, in many ways, simply revolutionized the ways we interact with one another. It has truly changed the way that kids get along with kids, that children communicate with adults, and that adults communicate with one another. When factoring this in with children, and when one is zooming in particularly on eye-hand coordination in kids, the technologies variegate in their efficacy to be of use to the child. A child’s hand-eye coordination is a little off when they are young, and some parents refer to taking care of a child as a kid that is “going through the clumsy phase.” A child’s hand-eye coordination is off physiologically because their cerebellum is still developing.

In addition, in general the child is still developing. One way in which the child is still developing is gauging their own weight and learning how to manage it. A physically large child may have greater challenge controlling eye-hand coordination. A light child, small and petite, may also experience the same challenge. Even a well-shaped child may experience the challenge of working on hand-eye coordination.  The physical weight of each child may be a factor in minimizing truly balanced eye-hand coordination. Accidents that occur, like spilling milk at breakfast, or not getting outside on time because the child trips and falls, or hurting oneself at recess are all fairly typical challenges that children between the ages of five and eight run into. Parents have had to cope with these stresses for years, but the easiest way to mitigate this particular challenge in parenthood is through technologies like the Iphone or Ipad.

In light of this, learning academics while having poor eye-hand coordination can be challenging. An easy remedy to a relatively small issue is to give the child an iphone or an Ipad. The Ipad is a particularly useful tool that can access the internet, email, a variety of games, and can have applications installed on it. Now, using the Ipad mostly applies to the child because the Ipad allows the kid to learn in a fun and interactive way. The Ipad’s mechanics are clear and fun and simple to use. If one wants to increase an image, one takes two fingers and “draws” outwards like you are peeling apart an orange with the tips of your fingers. Also, when one wants to make something appear small, then what one does is draw ones fingers from the outside and push them inwards. This makes the image on the screen appear smaller. The child will have plenty of fun playing around with the Ipad. And the important aspect remains key: hand-eye coordination in kids. Now, they can play around with the Ipad for hours. This allows breathing room for parents who may need a break from their kids. Also, it gives parents a break by letting their parents rest calmly knowing their kids are playing with a safe device that not only limits the number of potential accidents poor hand-eye coordination can cause, but is actively training their child’s eye-hand coordination and improving it the more they play the game.

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